III International Seminar on Critical Thinking
11th to 13th October 2017

General Information


  Néstor Basterretxea  (Museo Bellas Artes of Bilbao, Spain)

Modalities of participation

Keynote: participation of national and international guests who will present the state of the discussion on critical thinking.

Plenaries: they have as purpose to make known the main conclusions of the oral presentations presented in each one of the thematic lines.

Workshops: workshops will be conducted by experts on issues related to critical thinking. They will present different practical experiences around some research results, training experiences in critical thinking, among other aspects.

Posters: They have as main purpose to communicate advances in research projects or intervention in some of the thematic axes of the Seminar.

Oral communications: They are intended to communicate research results or intervention processes on some of the thematic axes of the Seminar.


Perspectives in research in critical thinking.

Independent critical thinking dependent on a specific domain.

Strategies and resources for the development of critical thinking.

Evaluation of critical thinking.

Training in critical thinking and professional performance.

Teacher training in critical thinking.

Activities of the seminar


Presentation of Oral Communications and Posters


Central conferences. Guest

Modality of participation


Participation with Communications and Posters (maximum size: 90 X 120).

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Participation for publication.

Authors who wish to send an extensive work, with the purpose of reviewing it for publication in the Revista Latinoamericana de Estudios Educativos.

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III International Seminar on Critical Thinking
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