IV International Seminar on Critical Thinking
21th to 25th October 2019

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 Museo Nacional de Antropología (México)

General presentation of the seminar

After three previous editions, we can say that the IV International Seminar on Critical Thinking has reached maturity as a forum for collaboration and exchange of research and intervention in a field so necessary for the current era. In the links below, you can have access to the previous editions of the seminar:

The I Seminar: Critical Thinking in Education: Research, formation and future perspectives, took place in Aveiro, Portugal, in 2013:


The II Seminar: Critical Thinking in Education: Current challenges, was held in Vila Real, Portugal, in 2015:


Both left us with important knowledge on the need to consolidate this field of research and reflection, a task that we assume in the invitation we make to the academic community.

The III Seminar: Critical Thinking: New challenges of research and application, was held in Manizales, Colombia, in 2017:


The IV Seminar: Critical Thinking: New approaches and methodologies, will take place in Xalapa, Mexico, in 2019:


Sede: Universidad Veracruzana. (City of Xalapa)

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