IV International Seminar on Critical Thinking
21th to 25th October 2019

General Information


   Museo Nacional de Antropología (México)

Modalities of participation

Keynote: participation of national and international guests who will present the state of the discussion on critical thinking (CT).

Workshops: workshops will be conducted by experts on issues related to critical thinking. They will present different practical experiences around some research results, training experiences in critical thinking, among other aspects.

Posters: They have as main purpose to communicate advances in research projects or intervention in some of the thematic axes of the Seminar. Participation with Posters (maximum size: 90 X 120).

Oral communications: They are intended to communicate research results or intervention processes on some of the thematic axes of the Seminar. Accepted communications may be sent for publication in the electronic book, as indicated below.

In order to give the opportunity to the greatest number of participants, the following limitation will be established: a maximum of two communications per author will be accepted, and communications with a maximum of four authors.


1. Teaching and learning of the CT in education: from basic to higher.

2. Evaluation of the CT in education: from basic to higher.

3. CT Applications in Problem Solving and Decision Making

     - Science Area

     - Technology Area

     - Transdisciplinary Area

4. Theory and conceptualization about CT


8 workshops will be offered to those who may wish to attend. There will only be a limitation of places, in order to be able to carry out these workshops under the most appropriate didactic conditions.

To do this, those who wish to attend the workshops, should select 4 workshops of the 8 that are offered.

To select these 4 workshops, attendees should mark them in the list that is offered (available shortly) in the sub-menu registration, from the registration and submissions menu.

Subsequently, the organization will assign such requests to the workshops, depending on the places available.

Panel of experts

Seminar with foreign lecturers, in order to know their current and future projects, explore forms of collaboration between research groups, consultation on issues in their field of expertise, and any consideration of interest that participants demand.

Publication of the electronic book

Those authors of accepted papers who wish to be published in the electronic book, should send the extended work (maximum 5,000 words), from July 15 until October 15. The presentation format can be downloaded below.

To send the extended works, in order to be published in the electronic book, the authors must attach the works in the sub-menu submissions, the registration and submissions menu, in Word format, and on the dates indicated above.

Activities of the seminar


Presentation of Oral Communications and Posters


Panel of experts

Publication of the electronic book


Participation with Posters (maximum size: 90 X 120)

Presentation format template (pdf)

Presentation format template (Word)

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