IV International Seminar on Critical Thinking
21th to 25th October 2019


Workshops: workshops will be conducted by experts on issues related to critical thinking. They will present different practical experiences around some research results, training experiences in critical thinking, among other aspects.


Workshop 1. A. Creativity development and B. Critical thinking with creativity. 1A: by Profª.  Themys Moura de Carvalho. 1B: by Prof. Ariel Campirán

Workshop 2. Standardized and performance evaluation techniques. By Profª. Silvia F. Rivas.

Workshop 3. Strategies for the Development of critical thinking in the classroom. By Prof. Yasaldez E. L. Zuluaga

Workshop 4. Evaluation of the PC in the science area. The problem in problem-based learning (PBL). By Profª. Patricia Morales

Workshop 5. Promoting Critical Thinking in university professors. By Profes.: Amanda Franco, Rui Vieira, and Celina Tenreiro

Workshop 6. Modeling of Critical Thinking in science classrooms. By Prof. Óscar Tamayo.

Workshop 7. Promotion of Critical Thinking: Awareness about personal convictions and cognitive biases. By the Profes.: Amanda Franco and Rui Vieira.

Workshop 8. Critical Thought Development. By Prof. Carlos Saiz.

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